Enacto Energy Visibility

Our specialist software empowers you to make informed decisions

Exception-based savings with Smart Alarms

Enacto helps you track normal usage and highlight the most costly exceptions thanks to our exclusive smart baseline technology.

Weather impact, past usage and known exceptions all contribute to Enacto's highly accurate energy profiling.

Asset optimisation

Enacto organises your energy usage into Assets, giving you a simple overview of what is happening and where.

Dig deeper with individual submeter breakdown, interval-level view and intuitive overlays.

All this helps you to highlight issues and take remedial action quickly.

Measure and Verify Energy Initiatives

Energy Conservation Measures are important - but so is tracking their impact.

Enacto's Measurement & Verification module gives you the power to continuously assess your initiatives, using IPMVP-compliant methods.

Maximise Value from Renewables

Enacto not only monitors production from renewables, but provides ongoing efficiency tracking.

Integrated weather data for each location is used to calculate an hourly production target, keeping you on top of performance.

Add battery charging and discharging data to complete the renewables picture.

Estate-level Analytics

Deliver the right information to the right people with interactive reports and dashboards.

Enacto's advanced Analytics features gives you the power to view efficiency metrics (illustrated), alarm occurrences, aggregated data and much more, across any combination of regions, assets, brands or even custom attributes.