The Enacto Offering

A comprehensive range of software packages to suit your needs and budget.

Enacto Lite

Start your energy savings journey with Enacto Lite.

This quick-start package gives you clear visibility into your energy-consuming assets, empowering your decision-making.

Simple, threshold-based alarms deliver quick energy-saving wins.

Enacto Standard

Take energy savings to the next level with Enacto Standard.

This package introduces smart baselines and alarms, with full weather normalisation to drive meaningful actions and greater savings opportunity.

Enacto Advanced

Advanced functionality for Energy Management professionals.

Whole-estate reporting module, Measurement and Verification option, User management and customisable configurations.

Enacto Enterprise

A dedicated implementation of the full Enacto system for large enterprise.

Full control over enterprise reporting, compliance options, custom views and settings, and much more.

Enacto ESCO

A dedicated system for Energy Service Companies - allowing you to provide a unique, branded package to your end customers, reliably powered by Enacto.